Stick Spartans Is my first steam title.

I wanted to do something with my spare time so I experimented with projecting 3D shapes in a 2D environment in Game Maker Studio 1.4, Without any help I created a script that could project a 3D shape into a 2D environment by creating an artificial Z axis. I haven't seen anything like it in Game Maker Studio. I then spent a few weeks adapting and improving it to run faster and look more polished.

Stick Spartans was the first time I used these experimental scripts to make what I consider a game. 

The first week of development was mostly about punching in geometrically pleasing values into the script itself to create a low poly spartan helmet. This week was also the first week of my Dev Vlog.

Stick Spartans soon picked up traction as I became more invested in the project. I decided the game had to be heavily local multiplayer based 

as strongest skill is programming, but I didn't have the experience to create a multiplayer game in an engine that focuses on single player content so I made it local multiplayer. I took it to local game developer meetups for bug testing and opinions/suggestions.

Stick Spartans is a simple couch multiplayer game about poking each other with jousting sticks until only one team remains.

I consider this game to be my transition from game making as a hobby to a career.

You can view Stick Spartans on steam here: