Ruins to Rumble is an adaptation of one of my first ever games i made. Its a mix of sandbox survival and real time strategy.

The games first prototype was uploaded as a kickstarter campaign for 30 days, In this time I continued development on it.

I knew that even if it wasn't successfully funded I would continue to work on it because I my user testing had huge amounts of good feedback, it would just take longer to develop it.

Ruins to Rumble was successfully funded with Kickstarter and is Still in development.

Ruins to Rumbles gameplay focuses on micromanaging a faction of workers with specified roles, but rather than selecting a group of people like in a standard real time strategy you physically control each worker one by one setting and teaching the AI how to do their job and what to do.

The vast scope of the game was daunting at first but nearing completion it was well worth the effort to make this game. 

Music and sound effects are the only things I didn't make in Ruins to Rumble.

Ruins to Rumble is now published on Steam!