Feather Knight TFT Companion

Developed in Python with Discord Bot and Website Integration for Team Fight Tactics players

FeatherKnight Companion is a Discord bot designed to analyze games from the worlds best players of TFT (Team Fight Tactics) an auto-chess battler. I designed it to improve my skill and teach me and other players what team compositions are the most effective for the games current patch.

I regularly posted updates to Reddit of the development and output of FeatherKnight and the community used it with positive feedback and gave suggestions like mitigating survivorship bias that I then implemented into the bot in the patch after.

Each Set of TFT comes with a different selection of champions you create your team with, FeatherKnight companion creates a neat easy to understand image showing the top compositions and what items are effective on what people along side the target trait bonuses.

FeatherKnight has gone through many iterations evolving with the game. The embedded 3D graph was for Set 4 and 4.5. It shows the most common Trait players of all rank selected as their chosen trait and then plotted them based on position and what time of day (NZDT) so I could find the best time of day to play TFT with a certain composition.   

I have personally seen success with my Discord bot and have been placed in the top 0.01% of players twice for Oceania