Above is a small collection of my best work. I am an independent game developer with a burning drive to create fun and entertaining games.

I am a Independent game developer based in Christchurch NZ.

Game making started as a small hobby to keep my occupied in my spare time while I was studying at High school.

Now I study Applied Immersive Game Deign at The University of Canterbury.

My main goals in life revolve around a career in game design and game programming.

I have always had this a drive to create things and find out how things work.


I see making games as an opportunity to create new experiences and push peoples expectations. 

I have been an active member of the Christchurch Game Developers meetup group and a member of the 2019 Executive team for PRODSOC

(Product design society at the University of Canterbury).

I have successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign, now I am making the visions of the project a reality.

Video games have been a big part of my life, When I play a game I don't look at it and say what could I do better,

I look at it and say what could I help with and add to make the experience better.

You can view my best projects via the menu bar at the top of the page.

However a good balance of activities is healthy so hobbies I have Include:

  • Playing Guitars

  • Outdoor Rollerblading

  • Drawing/Sketching

  • Playing all types of Video games

To keep track of large leaps in progress in my projects I occasionally upload Dev Vlogs to my personal YouTube channel. 

Jared Bakker / SugoiYellow - Indie game dev - JaredLBakker@gmail.com

Feel free to contact me if you have found any spelling/grammar mistakes in my site.